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The question you should be asking, why shouldn’t you go backpacking? This planet is so beautiful and diverse and every square inch offers something that little bit different.
Sometimes, taking yourself out of your comfort zone gives you a whole new understanding and an opportunity to explore everything that you never thought you would. The most beautiful locations are all there for you to enjoy so why not enjoy them.

Backpacking allows you to travel around the world and test yourself in a new environment and familiarise yourself with a different way of life.
Yes, you might need to lower your usual living standards and take a step back from the lifestyle that you are accustomed to living, but it is a great way to explore different environments at a low cost.

Let’s take a mental picture, its 10 years from now and you are sat around your dinner table with friends and family catching up after not seeing each other for a while. Do you want to be the one who everybody envies, or do you want to be the one who envies everybody?

The best source of education is experience.


The hardest thing about backpacking is leaving all your responsibilities behind and spending weeks/months maybe even years outside of a place you have called home all of your life. It can be intimidating, but it will also be the best time of your life.

The first thing you need to do is figure out who you are…
Are you the sociable type that loves to have a drink and make a fool of yourself?
Are you the quiet type that loves to read a book while watching the sunset?
Are you the type to just take a break and do a gap year?
Are you looking to expand your knowledge of the world to further your career?
These are all questions that will help you decide exactly where you want to go and how you want to do it.

Once you have done your research and decided on a destination, its time to save the pennies. Saving is so hard to do when you don’t have a target so set yourself a goal and stick to it, cut down on the takeaways and the expensive nights out. Trust me it will be worth it in the end.

Book your flight!!! The most exciting part of planning for us is booking the flight, that is when it feels real. That is when you know you are on your way to becoming a true traveller.


Hostels have been the most memorable times for us while travelling around the world. The thought of sharing a room with 8 other strangers can sound intimidating and a little worrying but remember that everyone in that room is probably thinking the same thing. However, the more sociable aspects of staying in a hostel are phenomenal. Jump in the pool fully clothed, hit on the cleaners, get drunk playing beer pong.

One thing we live by is
“how many of my friends can say they have done this?’


We have never been to a country and done the same thing twice, we always mix it up. Do something that takes you completely out of your element. Conquer your fears, whether that is heights, spiders, trekking through the wilderness. Get out of the daily routine of waking up, making a coffee and heading to work. Try waking up and cracking a beer while watching the sunrise.

While visiting Hong Kong, Sunny had convinced me it would be a good idea to take a cable car from the peak of Lantau Island, back into the heart of Hong Kong. Now as you will learn as you read more and more of our posts, Heights are not my best friend. I have never had a bad experience, it’s just something I don’t feel comfortable with and will always try to avoid, so for me to get on to that glass-bottom cable car, 100’s of feet above the ground was a big step for me and it was honestly the experience of a lifetime.

So try new things, be adventurous and just give it ago and it will make your trip even more memorable.


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