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Japan is by far one of our favourite countries that we have travelled in, whether you have an interest in traditional cultural environments or the animated and futuristic lifestyle that many Japanese people live, there is a little bit of something for everybody.

I can honestly say that walking around the streets of Japan is such a breath of fresh air. The Japanese respect their surroundings so much and appreciate everything and everybody around them. The streets are clean, the public transport is organized and efficient, they really do go out of the way to provide an amazing experience for locals and tourists alike.


It doesn’t matter where in Asia you go, the temples and shrines do not compare to those in Japan. No matter where you visit in Japan, you will always be in awe of the ancient temples. Kyoto is home to over 2000 Buddhist temples and shrines within the district of the Kansai region. Nara alone has 8 UNESCO world heritage sites which makes for a wonderful weekend sightseeing and taking in the history that lives within.


Although English is now a compulsory language in the schools of Japan, a lot of people still have to achieve a certain standard of conversation. That being said, the Japanese will always make an effort to understand and communicate with you which is beautiful considering how difficult it must be. The locals will generally take time out of there day to help you any way they can. Such lovely people!


Yes, we have to mention the fact that Japan is the founder of sushi. The sushi in japan will make you never eat sushi outside of Japan again! Whether you’re after sushi, sashimi, kobe or udon, Japan has some of the best street vendors in the world and that is NOT an exaggeration.
Head to the supermarkets and check out their awesome selection of quick and cheap foods that will have your mouth watering, even the 7/11’s supply an insane amount of local delicacies for a reasonable price.


So we decided to be adventurous in Japan and not get the JR Pass, everybody had recommended it but we found that once you’re within a district, the trains are cheap enough that we couldn’t justify spending the money. I have never seen a train station so clean, tidy and organized. They have lines that people must always stand in a single file when boarding on a train and strangely enough, everybody sticks to it so even at rush hour it flows really easily. If you’re in Tokyo we recommend getting the PASMO and just top it up whenever it is needed.

This is just a handful of things that make Japan one of our favourite places. I could sit here ALL DAY reeling of things that we love about Japan but until you witness it yourself, you will not fully understand.

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  1. I want to send our Ed and his dad to japan in 2021 for his 21st i dont know where to start any advice on flights and places to stay

    1. The very first place to start is figuring out where you want to send them?
      Tokyo for the fast-paced city?
      Hakone for relaxation?
      Kyoto for the culture and sight seeing?
      Osaka for the architecture and street food?
      Or maybe a trip involving many stops along the way…

      We always suggest being flexible on dates and utilizing the resources available.
      On skyscanner you can select “whole month” search options to find the cheapest flights (check out breaking up long haul flights for more on how to get the very cheapest flights)

      We are happy to help you every step of the way!

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