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When we are heading off there are just some things that need to be kept on hand and because our backpacks are too big to be carryons we make sure that all of our necessities fit into our day bags. On top of being a great carryon, our day bags are essential to travel. We carry everything in them and they are just super convenient.

Sunny uses a beautiful Osprey Fairview Day Bag and Matty uses HI-Gear Long Haul Day Bag

Sunny's Carry On


Even if I could pack my MacBook Air in my backpack and check it I wouldn’t, it’s not something I am prepared to lose. Luggage gets thrown around like crazy and airlines are not responsible for damaged valuables. 

Charging cords

I keep all my cords together and organized so I don’t lose my mind trying to figure out where I packed everything. 

Portable charger

Some planes don’t have plugs, which is inconvenient, however, we always come prepared with our portable chargers in case our devices die along the way. 

Pro Tip* To find out what amenities your plane has checkout SeatGuru.


This doubles as a blanket or a pillow depending on what you need it to be and is a versatile item for a beach holiday!


Water is so important all the time, but particularly when you are sitting at an elevated altitude. Planes are often very dry as well and can cause jetlag, but water fights back for you. Stay hydrated my friends. I love my S’well Bottles!

Spare socks & undies (just in case luggage gets lost)

We have been very lucky this far with not losing our luggage, but we have all heard of horror stories, and having a fresh pair of socks and undies is just comfort for me.

Plastic bag

Your feet can end up smelling bad from sweaty feet (especially on long haul flights). Switch your socks and contain that smell! 


For spontaneous list-making (or blog ideas). 


You will probably have to fill out a declaration form, it’s always best to travel with your own pen. 

Documents & IDs

Some countries want a physical printed copy of your visa, others perhaps need confirmation of where you will be staying, I keep all of these documents tucked away with my laptop just in case. I also carry our passports and other essential identification. 

Neck pillow

I prefer the comfort of big fluffy ones, but I love the size of inflatable neck pillows. Whatever you are comfortable with, we always recommend a neck pillow to help you get some rest on your flight. 


We don’t usually have prescriptions, however, I always carry pain kills, cold and allergy medication and a basic first aid kit in my carryon just in case. There is nothing worse than getting a headache during a flight and touching down miserable!


Lotions, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, etc. 


Makeup, feminine products, razors, Deodorant, etc. 

Credit cards & emergency cash

The backup stuff just in case Matty loses his wallet (again). 

Matty's Carry On

You can bring some of your own snacks through airport security, or buy them once you have made it through security at a premium rate (ouch!). Granola bars, crackers, and sealed gummies usually make our list.

Spare socks
As mentioned before, smelly feet happen. I store both of our smelly socks together in one bag.

Overflow items 
Anything that didn’t fit in the backpacks that we need goes into Matty’s carryon.

Neck pillow
Once again, just a standard piece of travel equipment.

Overflow liquids that would have exceeded Sunny’s allowance.

Deodorant, Electric clippers, etc.

All the Cash $$$

Portable charger
Everyone should carry one while travelling.

Let us know in the comments if you think we are missing anything & share your carryon must-have!

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