Every continent offers divine scenery, diverse cultures and true elements of beauty. No matter what kind of traveller you are,
New Year's eve is a chance to let go of all the negative the past year has brought, it's time
Based on our recent trip to Europe we wanted to highlight some of the most beautiful places (that aren't the
The question you should be asking, why shouldn't you go backpacking? This planet is so beautiful and diverse and every
The Christmas holidays seem to be one of the few times per year people get the opportunity to get away.
When you think of Christmas do leigh bells and snowflakes start fluttering around in your head? Mariah Carrey starts singing
Christmas traditions vary across the world. Some places are light-hearted and gift-giving while others are meant to strike fear. Nonetheless,
Wow, your twenties. It's a really weird age, you have left high school, you are suddenly classified as an adult,
Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love dressing up, there is no obligation to give out presents and there is