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20 Trips to Take in your Twenties
Wow, your twenties. It’s a really weird age, you have left high school, you are suddenly classified as an adult,
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Hiking on the Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is such a great place to get fit and enjoy the sunshine. With temperatures only dipping down
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Weekend Adventures from Auckland
What better way to spend your weekend than exploring the area around you? Auckland is a great location to be
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Instagram Captions for Globetrotters
Once you catch the travel bug that’s it. It consumes your life, you constantly want to go, daydreaming of the
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Free Experiences Currumbin to Cairns
Queensland has some amazing features about it but it can be really expensive. If you are trying to budget travel
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The Basics Of Work For Accommodation
Running low on cash? fancy staying a little longer? As backpackers, we need to save money wherever we can so
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Smart Girl’s Guide to Packing: 4 Seasons in 1 Backpack
All you need to know about packing multi-seasons into one backpack!
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Creepy & Cool Halloween Celebrations Around The World
Halloween is my favourite holiday. I love dressing up, there is no obligation to give out presents and there is
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A Weekend in Kyoto
“Happiness often sneaks through the door you didn’t know you left open.” – John Barrymore It’s hard to believe I
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