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If you are a traveller that enjoys the more social aspects of backpacking and loves a night out, then keep reading. We will give you an insight on how to get drunk on a budget.

If you have been to Australia, then you will know all about the famous bag of “Goon”. Goon is the aboriginal word for Pillow which makes sense considering the bag looks like an aluminum pillow. It is 4L of boxed wine and for a low price of $10, you can be certain that Goon tops the list of the cheapest way to get drunk. Add some passionfruit juice from Countdown ($0.75/bottle) to make it taste better.

This is a drink we have never come across in any other country and it comes as no surprise because it causes the most brutal of hangovers. Most bottle shops sell Little Fat Lamb and most of the ones we visited sold 3 1L bottles for $20. Perfect for a day sesh by the pool but we wouldn’t recommend using it for beer pong unless you can REALLY handle your ale. Expect blackouts.

For anybody not quite up with the south pacific lingo, BYO stands for ‘Bring your own’. Most BYO Hostels hold nightly events (piss ups) where you chip in a couple of $$ and they provide alcohol, this is basically just a way to get you drunk and blag you into a night out where you make an absolute fool of yourself but still insist on doing it on a daily basis. Regardless of the reasons, Youp Tour definitely advises you take part and make the most of the social life in hostels.

Happy Hour
For some silly reason that I will never understand, Bars always seem to have their happy hour at the most stupid of times. A little too late for the day sesh but a little too early to start the night out. However, you can use this to your advantage if you’re smart about it. Take advantage of Happy Hour and use it as a ‘pre-pre-drinks’. Have a couple in the bar, head home get ready and resume your pre-drinks.

We have all been there, heading into a nightclub and buying a drink to be told that you’re paying $15 for a jack and coke. Sunny used to go mad at me because I refused to buy anything else but was also spending a minimum of $100 in every club, and then I learnt that you can get a ‘house bourbon’ with coke for between $5-$10. There really isn’t that much difference in taste and they both get you hammered so we recommend sticking with the house ales to make the most of your night out without splashing the cash.

Many hostels offer pub crawls and it’s a great way to meet people and drink on the cheap. Free entry into clubs, free drinks and drink discounts, sometimes you even get a meal out of it. If you want a messy night out always opt for the pub crawl. 

If you are heading to the Gold Coast we love Backpacker's Big Night Out. Also check out The Best of the Gold Coast for all you need to know about having the best time on the Goldie. 

I guess we are supposed to finish this article by telling you to drink responsibly and be careful of the amount of alcohol you consume but then we would be hypocrites. Just stay out of the rivers and bushes when you are drunk. Crocodiles, sharks and spiders are always around.

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