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Auckland can be quite an expensive city to live in. Budgeting sucks and not doing anything is even worse. So what does one do when the times get tough or the money runs thin? You go find the coolest free things to do in Auckland.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens are just so beautiful, there are butterflies, flowers, and greenery. Often time water features decorate the area and an overall sense of tranquillity masks you making you instantly feel relaxed. The botanical gardens are free to access and wonderful for an afternoon adventure.

Ambury Farm

I love animals so much, so going on a walk in cow fields, hanging out with horses and petting sheep sounds like the perfect day to me. The farm sits on the edge of the water where the ‘beach’ is mainly volcanic rock. It’s a beautiful location with plenty of good times to be had.

Climb a volcano

There are so many volcanos in Auckland (53 to be exact) and climbing one just sounds like a bucket list adventure waiting to happen. If you want to multi-task and have some fun while maintaining your health this is a great option for you.

West Coast (Black Sand) beaches

Black sand is just something I am not used to, beige and white sure but black is unique and beautiful. There are plenty of black sand beaches to choose from that are just a quick drive away and the volcanic sand is incredibly beautiful. As mentioned in Auckland weekend adventures our favourite is Karioitahi beach.


Manukau Head Lighthouse is free to visit, but of course, donations are welcome. You can explore the lighthouse and if you look below in the water you have a really great chance of seeing a Maui dolphin! Maui dolphins are native to New Zealand so there is another free experience. Even the parking is free!

Check out their website for more info.

Parnell Rose Gardens

Roses aren’t for everyone, but rose gardens are a different story. Stroll along the paths and take in the scent. The best time to go is October through April while all the roses are in bloom. You may even catch a glimpse of a blushing bride.

We hope you enjoy your time in Auckland and hopefully, this list can save you some money. Share your favourite free things to do in Auckland in the comments below!

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