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Every type of traveller has a different set of needs that must be met to have a successful and enjoyable time abroad, so today we have compiled a list of travel essentials that not only make life easier but look great too.

For The Backpacker

Packing Cubes! I can’t describe how much I love packing cubes. I mean they are cubes, that you pack, and they keep you organized! They also keep clothes clean when your backpack suddenly explodes over your bunk or the floor. 

Packing cubes are my life, but be careful packing. I have successfully added 1kg to my luggage  now and there is definitely room for more. 
Nonetheless, I can't live without these travel essentials. 

Osprey Backpack, I mean these are the creme de la creme of backpacks in my opinion. With a lifetime warranty and so many amazing colours, sizes and styles to meet your needs osprey backpacks are the way to go in my opinion!

I honestly don't go anywhere without my Osprey Fairview 55L. It has an incredible day bag that can zip on or clip on for easy transportation. It is also he perfect size for a carry on

Shampoo Bar, because liquids can explode and leak everywhere. There is nothing we hate more than getting to a new place, opening our bag to get something and finding out we need to do laundry and clean up a shampoo mess from the entire interior of our bag. Ugh.

Microfiber towels. They don’t mold, they don’t stink, they dry quickly and they pack up small to fit in our backpacks. Can you really go wrong? I don’t think so, just make sure you get the right size for you.

Sleeping bag liner. If you are going to spend any time camping you should honestly go for a sleeping bag liner. This one will keep you dry and add a layer for warmth!

Pocket-sized picnic blanket. This also doubles as a beach blanket if need be which is a great alternative to a sandy bath towel. You never know when adventure will call, so be prepared!

Bed Bug Traps, it’s not nice to think about, but you may run into bed bugs on your travels, grab some bed bug traps to help prevent being eaten alive.

For The Diva

Silicone makeup supplies, because let’s be real, we aren’t going to ditch our skincare routine or our custom hair products. These guys are eco-friendly so you can feel good about it too.

Travel makeup bag. We have all been there, standing over a shattered powder wondering if this is how it all ends. This makeup bag works hard to prevent lost soldiers while you are on the road.

Shoe bags. They keep your clothes clean and your shoes secure in your luggage! Plus you can get different coloured bags for different shoes to save valuable getting ready time. These are travel essentials that I neber knew I was missing until I got them. Now I don’t know how I got by without them!

Luxury(-ish) Luggage. Check out this Michael Kors Luggage for her and this Tommy Hilfigure luggage for him.

Sandless beach mat, ideal for your beach bag because you just pick it up and shake off the sand, pack it away and no sand will follow. Amen to sand-free moisturizer & charging ports!

Phone camera lense, because you are really on vacation to get THAT picture. Make the most of your surroundings and work it!

For The Eco-Tourist

Sustainable Waterbottle. Plastic is so out and sustainable is in. Get a beautiful reusable S’well bottle that is sustainable and charitable with the company partnered with UNICEF. A water bottle is a life essential so it makes our travel essentials list. Choose wisely. 

Conscious bag, you need a bag anyways, Matt & Nat bags just happens to be ethically made with fairtrade and recycled materials and the company is completely cruelty-free. 

Steripen, this “pen” cleans water, to help reduce plastic use overall. Save the planet and drink clean water at the same time.

Reusable straw. Sometimes a straw is just a necessity (hello protein smoothies). These reusable straws are perfect for on-the-go, environmentally conscious peoples.

Microfiber towel. Recycled microfiber towels is a brilliant solution in this throw-away society. Use it, reuse it, and love it. These towels have 20 plastic bottles recycled into them!

Reef safe sunscreen. We don’t need to put more chemicals into the ocean. Use this aquatic safe sunscreen instead!

For The Adrenaline Junkie

GoPro; Capture every moment of your wild ride.

GoPro Accessories; So you can catch those moments hands-free or from afar. Check out GoPro’s Adventure kit, Chest Mount and Smart Remote.

Trainers, because loving your feet and having great grip is incredible. At the end of the day good footwear should be on every travel essentials list. 

For him: Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Nite Running Shoe

For Her: Altra Women’s Escalante Running Shoe

Subscription to GoPro Plus, so all that GoPro footage can be edited into an awesome aftermovie.

Waterproof phone case; just incase spontaneous cliff jumping occurs (which it does).

Tree tent; so you can live in the moment and still get a great night sleep.

For The Partier

Cocktail Kit; Just add liquor, perfect for the flight. The ultimate Charlie Sheen travel essentials. 

Flashlight Flask; So while you are getting lit on an adventure you can flash the light for someone to find you.

Smartphone Breathalyzer; Just so you don’t get caught in a sticky situation. Drinking and driving is no joke, and even the morning after a big night you can still be intoxicated, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Wine Bag; Especially good for goon. Who needs a man-bag when you can have a wine-bag?

Tile phone/keys tracker – Let’s be real, you are a hot mess. Tile will locate your wallet or keys from your phone when you wake up and can’t figure out what you did last night. Let’s just hope you still have your phone.

Luggage tags. Everyone has black luggage and after making use of your cocktail kit on that long-haul flight your luggage tags will be the only thing you can find.

For The Techy Traveller

Sound bender for iPads. It’s like the red solo cup we used to use to make our volume louder, it just redirects the sound where you want it to go.

Personal Wifi. This is great for getting things done on the fly! Edit away! Don’t get us wrong, being off grid is incredible, but if you work online wifi or other connectivity devices are travel essentials. 

Backpack with built-in chargers. So you never get stuck on low-battery while on the move.

Organizer Bag; Cords are so delicate and gear needs its own home don’t leave your expensive equipment to chance.

Video Recording Sunglasses. We all wanted to be secret agents as kids, don’t lie. These are so cool, protecting your eyes from the sun, and recording the moments. Spy Kids 101.

Drone. Check out your surroundings, get that video that makes you viral, or just capture the places that take your breath away. Just make sure you check out the laws in the areas you are travelling to before travel. Drones are illegal in some places.

BONUS: To Make Mom Feel Better

We know mom, we love you too, don’t worry, it will be fine. We love our moms, but they can worry way too much sometimes. These gadgets are some tools to (hopefully) make mom feel better. Although they may not fit our travel essentials list, they are essentials for mom. 

Travel door alarm (works on windows too); this guy is obnoxious and will wake up a room full of people and will foil any plans of robbery. 

goTENNA Mesh – off-grid communication this GPS tracker and SMS gadget is perfect for people going way out of cell range and off-grid. It is great in case of emergency and if the worst-case-scenario happens you can be tracked (Mom is tracking you right now).

Safety Bracelet. This has your basics on it, name, age, allergies, blood type, emergency contact. They aren’t the prettiest, but mom loves the idea of them. Sigh.

Bag protector mesh. Honestly, I don’t know how many times my mom has thought my bag will get stolen… it hasn’t yet, but I have seen many people’s things go missing. PacSafe provides so many cool products to keep your belongings safe.

Personal Alarm. It’s like a whistle that you don’t have to blow. People react to alarms and want to know whats going on so it’s a safe bet that if people are around they will come to your aid.

Luggage Tracker. Just because on the off-chance that your luggage does disappear you want to be able to reclaim it and quickly and efficiently as possible.

We hope you enjoyed reading through this post! If you have any other products you feel should have made the cut leave them in the comments below!


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