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The Christmas holidays seem to be one of the few times per year people get the opportunity to get away. If you are craving a warm, sunny Christmas this year and can’t wait to ditch your winter gear check out these wonderfully warm Christmas destinations.


Have a barbecue on the beach and try not to get a sunburn. Australia Christmas is hot, hot, hot! Why not go on a day-trip to the great barrier reef while you are at it? No matter which way you slice it, Australia is a great Christmas destination. Just don’t expect any reindeer.

Flock to Bondi Beach and hang out with all the other lost boys and girls over the holidays! Shack up with some friends and get an Airbnb for cheap! 

New Zealand

Kiwis are so laid back and kind and over the holidays is no exception. The weather is warm and it’s festival season. Hostel it up, wwoofing, and volunteering are great ways to surround yourself in the holiday spirit. Don’t be surprised if you are invited for Kai.

Surround yourself with good vibes, good people and thermal pools in Rotorua!  The Backyard Inn has cabins and retro rooms. 

South East Asia

This is a hot, cheap and incredible area. There are so many options, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to name a few. Why shatter your bank accounts trying to be warm over Christmas when you can immerse yourself in a new culture and spend next to nothing? Plus the Christmas Traditions in this area are pretty unique. 

The Philippines: Al Hamra Jungle Resort in Palawan – Never ending expereinces and the owner, Collin, makes a legendary Christmas dinner!
Thailand: Sarana Bungalows The Staff are incredible and the location really can’t be beat. 


This is a personal favourite and also a great budget option if you live in North America. There are so many holiday destinations within Mexico that are just screaming to be visited over the holidays! Actually, Mexico is screaming to be visited all year long, it’s incredible.

Puerto Vallarta is the go-to spot for a beautiful holiday and experiences you will never forget. Stay at the Tropicana Hotel


Honduras seems to get overlooked sometimes but with warm weather and even warmer people Honduras is a great option for Christmas. There are plenty of things to do and the diving is unreal. Plus you get to eat as many tamales as you want (because Christmas calories don’t count).

Search around and decide if you want the hustle and bustle of the city or the calm serene beaches and use Airbnb to find the perfect spot for you. 


First of all, Egypt has a cool Christmas tradition of eating a vegan diet for 43 days before Christmas. Second of all, it’s beautiful, intriguing and the culture is incredible. For anyone turned off by the 43 days of veganism, you will be relieved to know that after the fast is broken every dish during the Christmas feast has meat.

Head to Hurghada and spend on time on the red sea then snuggle up in one of the adorable units at Panorama Bungalows Aqua Park

United Arab Emirates

The beautiful desert is so close to the vibrant city and it’s one of those places that you just have to tick off the bucket list. There are plenty of Christmas lights around and lots of yummy food to be had while you are warm as can be.

Go live the high life in Abu Dhabi and stay at the Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel.

We would love to see where you end up for Christmas! Share some photos with us, write to us and tell us all about it! We love hearing your stories! 

If you aren’t feeling any warm Christmas destinations and want to experience a white Christmas click HERE for some inspiration.

Merry Christmas!


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