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New Year’s eve is a chance to let go of all the negative the past year has brought, it’s time to start fresh and recommit to yourself, your health and prosperity. Celebrations are different all over the world and the new year means different things to different cultures. Some traditions are a little eccentric and outdated and others are modest and honourable, but overall they all have one thing in common, the hope of a better year.

Globe Drop & midnight kiss (New York)

New York is a hot spot any time of year, but when the globe drops in times square it’s officially the New Year and the city goes off. Seal the New Year with a kiss and you are ready to go.

Carry suitcases around the block for travel (Colombia)

In Colombia, there is a tradition to carry a suitcase around the block to have a year full of travel and adventure. We think this one may just have to be adopted into our lives (as if we could go a year without travelling anyways). Grab that suitcase and go! 

Break old dishes and leap into the new year (Denmark)

Yeah, that’s right, smash those dishes. Leave all the negative and old in the past. After that, climb onto a chair and when the clock strikes 12 LEAP into the New Year! 

Burn a scarecrow (Ecuador) 

In Ecuador, families and friends build scarecrows to burn and leave in the past. Some are made to look like politicians (or ex-lovers) and others are simple scarecrows but all are burned to leave the bad in the past and welcome the new year with a fresh start. 

Fight it out at the Takanakuy Festival (Peru)

If you have some pent up rage Peru may just be the place for you. They host a festival every year where people physically fight. Fists fly within communities and it is meant to settle differences. 

Throw buckets of water and Talc Smearing (Thailand)

It’s an epic water fight. You wash away the bad with the water and bless each other with the talcum powder. It’s an epic way to ring in the new year. 

Cemetery Sleepover (Chile)

This one is a little creepy, but we love the way Chileans honour their loved ones. It is meant to bring peace and love to those who spend the night with their lost loved ones.

Eating For Abundance (Estonia)

Eat many meals to gain strength for the upcoming year. We love the idea of gorging ourselves to the point of combustion, especially when the calories don’t count. It is a holiday after all. 

Gifts for the goddess of the sea (Brazil)

People flock to the sea to present the goddess of the sea with white flowers, and other gifts like rice and jewellery. People hope that she will accept their gifts and grant their wishes for the year.

Dress as a bear and dance your heart out (Romania)

We love a good costume party, and dressing up like a bear to absolutely rage sounds hilarious and amazing. It’s said that dancing in bear costumes scares away evil spirits.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from our family to yours, whatever you decide to do. 

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Share your favourite New Years Eve Traditions in the comments below! 


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