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Buying for a traveller is difficult. You can’t get them anything big and there is no point buying them something they can’t use so what do you get?

Bath bombs and home decorations are great, but if your traveller doesn’t have a permanent home to leave those decorations, or hasn’t had the luxury of a bathtub in years those gifts just turn into a thoughtless waste of money.

Give The Gifts We Really Need!

Packing cubes are a lifesaver. They organize you, keep your belongings clean, and if you need to fit more things into less space they can make that happen. Packing cubes are especially handy if you are doing multi-climates in one trip. I can’t rave enough about them! They are simply a travel essential

If you (or the traveller you are shopping for) is a professional photographer, leave this one alone. If they are a traveller relying on their smartphone to capture their epic adventures consider grabbing them a GoPro or a Sony Cybershot RX100 III. They are both compact and travel-ready.

Plastic bottles are going out, however, that doesn’t mean that clean water is always accessible. Life Straws are great because you can just stick it in any water and drink, steri-pens are cool because you can treat water in your favourite water bottle (like your S’well).

New Shoes

I love high heels, and obnoxious boots and barely-there flats, but this isn’t what I’m talking about. Travellers need good shoes. Shoes that support them on adventures, that get beat up and thrown around. Grab the traveller in your life a great pair of shoes that will last them through their next adventure!

For him: Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Nite Running Shoe

For Her: Altra Women’s Escalante Running Shoe

I mean this one is a given right? Travellers constantly travel, and planes are a huge part of that. Unfortunately, it can be really difficult deciding which airline to buy for. We recommend as they work with many airlines so it’s a safe choice. 

It sounds big and heavy, doesn’t it? Luckily it’s a compact gadget that gives you the heads up that your luggage is oversized and you need to reorganize before arriving at the airport and attempting to check-in!

We take for granted quiet rooms with comfy beds. When we are travelling not only are headphones great for music or movies, they also double as a more comfy version of earplugs. Sleeping through that baby screaming on the plane is pure gold.

It’s so fun coming home to our map and scratching off the countries we have been to since the last time we were home. It’s just so satisfying and it shows us what parts of the area we are neglecting (hello travel inspo!)

Depending on the type of travel one is doing a dry bag can be the single most useful item in your backpack. It keeps all your valuables safe and secure while you trek around.

They store well and save on plastic use, even if you have a go-to water bottle it can be really handy having something so compact. Collapsible water bottles come in all sizes too so pick one that works for you.

This is for luxury lovers. Hand made espresso in a compact case! How incredible? I’m a coffee addict and can honestly say this is one of those gifts I would make room for!

Compression socks are for comfort and to prevent blood clots on long trips. These babies come in handy on flights, trains or when you are simply stuck waiting in customs for hours.

Travel slippers are something that can give you a sense of comfort while you are constantly on the road. They are soft, warm and keep your feet off the nasty floor of whatever hostel you have landed in for the night.

Not everyone will use a journal, but they really should. Documenting memories over the adventures will help preserve moments otherwise lost in the sea of experiences. Give the traveller in your life a beautiful journal and encourage them to keep a note of the little moments that will be buried under the big ones.

If your traveller doesn’t want to bring a camera abroad perhaps a lens kit for their mobile will have to do the trick! Some are quite good quality and give more options to the phone’s photo capability.

For more gift inspiration check out Travel Essentials for Every Type of Traveller. Happy Christmas shopping!

Share what you really want or need for Christmas in the comments below.


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