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Travel insurance is no different from car insurance, its an expense you don’t really want to spend but you need it. Unless you have reaped the benefits of travel insurance previously, you will never be fully convinced that it is worth having. Most of us have spent thousands of dollars on car insurance and never bumped a car, yet we continue to splash the cash, just to be on the safe side. Travel insurance is no different.

Anything can happen while you’re travelling abroad and you should always make sure you are covered just in case the unexpected occurs. Whether you fall over and break a bone or lose your luggage at the airport. There is nothing worse than being left helpless when the situation could have been avoided.

How Much Does It Cost?

The most obvious question “how much does it cost?”
It all comes down to the length of the trip, destinations you are travelling to and the extent of the coverage you need. You can expect to pay anything from $50 – $1000. Shop around for the best quotes and compare the cover you are getting, sometimes you can get a lot better cover for a lot less money. That being said the old saying “you get what you pay for” comes in mind, so don’t rush into buying the first policy you see.

Insurance Via Credit Card

It is something we often hear from fellow travellers, yes a lot of credit card companies have travel insurance policies with their customers, however, they do not cover everything. Be sure to check exactly what they cover before deciding if it’s what’s best for you.

What Cover Do I Need?

This is very dependant on location and activities you plan on doing, for example, if you plan on skiing in Canada, you must make sure you have a winter sports policy to insure you in case of any injuries you may acquire. If you are going bungee-jumping in New Zealand, you will need an extreme sports policy. It is vital to be covered for the whole duration of your trip.

Can I Spread The Cost?

There are a minority of insurance companies that will provide an open term plan. This means that you are insured on a month to month basis and provided you keep up with payments, your insurance will continue to be active. We work closely with ‘Safety wing’ and have never had a problem filing a claim or receiving compensation when we have needed it.

What Insurance Companies Do We Recommend?

There are thousands of insurance companies out there but we have compiled a shortlist of insurers that we believe are the best fit for travellers.

True Traveller
Travel insurance designed for travellers, one of the very few insurance companies to provide the full required insurance to meet ‘International Experience Canada’

Safety Wing
Competitive rates and providing insurance for travellers across the globe, with options for monthly payments also available. This is the provider we use. They also offer personal liability insurance included in your insurance which is rare. Check out Safety Wing!

1 Cover
Multiple Policies available for short and long term travel ranked highly amongst their competitors in New Zealand

AA Traveller
World-renowned for providing insurance across the board, competitive rates and a global reputation.

Always remember that different countries have different requirements for insurance dependant on your visa. Do your research and make sure you have a policy that meets the requirement of immigration to avoid you being turned away at the border.

What companies do you use for travel insurance and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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