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Every continent offers divine scenery, diverse cultures and true elements of beauty. No matter what kind of traveller you are, there is something out there for everyone but can it be done on the cheap? Of course, it can.



Just 100 miles off the south coast of Spain, Morocco is one of the most beautiful and cost-efficient countries in Africa. Dorm beds are available for as little as $10(CAD) while a 3-course meal could cost you no more than $12(CAD).


The sight-seeing opportunities available in Egypt are unbelievable. The pyramids, the great sphinx & the small villages make for a budget trip you will never forget. Definitely, on the lower end of the financial scale, Egypt should be on all of our lists.



Its hard to find a fault in Vietnam, when you think about its 10/10 beaches and windy roads that pass straight through the mountains with the most amazing views and then couple that with the fact, it is one of the cheapest countries in Asia, its no wonder that so many backpackers jet off there every year.


If you are looking for the perfect budget destination in Asia, look no further. Home to the biggest mangrove in the world and the world-famous Cox’s Bazar, it is easy to see why so many people are suddenly adding Bangladesh to there bucket list, especially when you add the fact the average backpacker will spend 1750 BDT per day ($27 CAD)



One of the most interesting and historic places in Europe, it may come as quite a surprise that Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to travel to. The huge array of snow-capped mountains and vibrant forestry mixed with golden beaches, It makes a wonderful budget trip. With no shortage of activities, Bulgaria widely visited year-round by people from all over the world.


Up there amongst the most cultured countries in the world, Hungary definitely makes the list. Lying on the border of Austria & Serbia, Hungary is still very much set in the 1900s with its old fashioned architecture and its pleasant surprising romantic vibes. Let’s not forget that Hungary was also voted in the top 5 budget destinations of Europe.



Located in the heart of Quebec, Montreal is the perfect escape from the modern world. Roam the Basilique Notre Dame, eat delicious street food and glide over the icy Parc du Mont-Royal on a cold winters night! Well known as the most affordable city in the whole of North America, Montreal should be on your list!

Puerto Vallarta

Millions of travellers every year make the trip to Puerto Vallarta for the beaches alone, but there is much more to this beautiful coastal city. You can experience all the elements of a true travel destination as you wander the rustic streets and stroll along the well-lit boardwalk. The best part is, you can do all of this without the need for a heavy budget as Puerto Vallarta was named in the top 10 cheapest places to visit in Mexico.



Need we say any more than the name itself. Home of the world-famous Machu Picchu & The Nazca Lines, Peru is the perfect pit stop for a week or two in South America. Enjoy some of the most magical wonders of the world in this phenomenal country and enjoy it cheaply.


The cheapest way to see the Amazon Rainforest? BOLIVIA. Keep your budget down with the cheap public transport on offer and the eat at the local restaurants for a true South American experience. Take advantage of everything Bolivia has to offer while cutting costs.



While Oceania is well known as one of the most expensive continents, it can still be affordable. Fiji is a small island just a 3hr flight away from Auckland, NZ. Visit the world-renowned surf beaches and the picturesque backdrop. Keep your cost down by eating local food and stay away from the overpriced tours that are continuously tainting this beautiful country.

Papua New Guinea

PNG doest exactly scream budget travelling and this is purely down to the sole fact that Papa New Guinea isn’t unfamiliar territory for most backpackers. However, in recent years, it is now becoming more of a hotspot for budget backpackers who brave the unknown and take a risk on this uncharted country. Try to stay in the local villages to avoid high accommodation costs and live the local life.

Have you been to any of the places above? Or know of another place where we can save a few bucks? Let us know in the comments below!


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