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Undoubtedly if you have thought of Canada you have thought of it like a snowglobe that’s just been shaken up, and in the winter months, you are right. Winter is what Canada is known for. From snow-covered mountains to igloos and polar bears, Canada truly is a winter wonderland. The weather is cold but the people are warm and there are so many things to do to keep your mind off of the weather. We have tried to condense this list, but with so many incredible things to do in the winter, it was hard, sorry not sorry.

Presenting our favourite, most Canadian winter experiences.

Lake Louise
Okay, Lake Louise is a must-see no matter what time of year you go, but in the winter the tourism dies down a bit and the winter takes over giving new life to the tiny town. You can skate on the lake, ski in a grizzly bear sanctuary, and hike to your heart’s content. A bonus for backpackers is it’s only half an hour away from Banff and has a shuttle! Lake Louise in the winter is incredible!

Check out Lake Louise Inn!

Whistler is home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America and boasts entertainment and activities for everyone. Hangout in the village, or get up on the mountains. The village is quaint and stunning and is definitely a social media moment for all.

We recommend checking out what Airbnb has available at the time you want to visit.

Dog sledding
This may not be our typical form of transport, but it’s actually really fun (and a great workout) plus it’s one of those experiences that you really should try while you are in Canada, check it off your bucket list!

Dog Sled Tours in Haliburton, ON is a great option. You can also try it while you are in Lake Louise through Kingmik.

Hot Springs – Banff
Banff is amazing we could go on and on about it. Today we are just going to focus on the hot springs. Head up mountain, get into your bathing suit and head out to the hot springs that have a stunning view. Plus it’s less than $10 and the opening hours are 9:00 am – 11:00 pm daily!

Also check out our Insider’s Guide to winter in Banff National Park

See the polar bears
Churchill, Manitoba is the polar bear capital of Canada and it’s super cool. It’s a bit of a mission to get there but you have a great chance to get face to face with our beautiful polar bear population. Just remember, they are still wild bears don’t try to pet them or hand feed them.

Try ROME2RIO for figuring out your way there! 

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
The Northern lights are a natural phenomenon that leaves many speechless. Between October and March, the Auroras dance the most and are the most visible. The best place to see them is the Yukon, followed up with the Northwest Territories, but if that’s not a possibility for you, check them out while you see the polar bears in Churchill, or while you are in the Rockies!

Whether you join a game of pickup in the street or go to cheer on a team hockey is huge in Canada and is definitely something that should not be missed. Grab a Molson Canadian while you are at it to ‘keep warm’.

Ice Castle Montreal
Something a little pricey, but unique is the Ice Hotel in Quebec. Yeah, it’s a hotel, made entirely, OF ICE. Cool right? (pun intended). I prefer to be extremely warm at night, but it’s worth checking out if you are in the area or if you love sleeping in an ice-cold room (I’m on a roll here!).

This hotel is only open in the winter, for booking click HERE

Honourable mentions

It’s just something we do, grab some cheap skates from Kijiji, or rent a pair if it’s available in your area and head to the pond, lake, or arena! Don’t forget your mitts, even experienced skaters fall, and ice + hands = dreadful.

Honestly, it’s good fun and I think everyone should get the chance at least once to “BRAAAPPPPPP” across a field or lake. There are plenty of places you can go to rent one.

Ice fishing
You can’t come to Canada during the winter and not try ice fishing. The seasoned pros will tell yah it’s all about patience (and how many beers or hot apple cider you can put back before you catch a fish). Good luck.

If you want more Canadian activities check out Canadian experiences any time of year! We love Canada and we love winter so we are more than happy to share more ways to have fun in the snow.

For more on Canada click HERE

Share your favourite winter activities with us in the comments below or contact us directly! 🙂


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