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Canada, Canada, Canada… there are so many things to do in Canada. Unfortunately, some things can only be done in specific seasons like maple tapping or snowmobiling. Fortunately, some things can be experienced all year long. These are some of our favourite things to do anytime in Canada.

Niagara Falls at night
Niagara Falls is a natural wonder that divides Ontario and New York. It is beautiful at any time of year and at any time of day for that matter. The falls light up at night and highlight the thunderous water rushing over the horseshoe and depending on the time of year the lights change. During the day you can see our southern neighbours but don’t worry you have a better view of the falls on the Canadian side.

Stay overlooking the falls with an affordable rate at Ramada by Wyndham.

Parc Omega
Parc Omega is in Quebec and is fantastic. It’s a wildlife sanctuary but is set up like a safari park, you can feed animals along the drive including deer, elk and moose. You can see various types of wolves, caribou, and even bears throughout the park. I had the opportunity to feed a grey wolf while we were there.

Hotels are slightly on the pricey side in Montebello, however, Airbnb has 33 places in the area to meet your unique needs. Click here for $40 off your booking. 

Timmies Double Double
Okay, so Tim Horton’s is a big deal in Canada and one of the most Canadian things you could do is go get yourself a double-double from Timmies. They are honestly so good. I recommend trying tim bits while you are at it for a well-rounded experience in our nationally adored coffee shop.

You should be able to find a Tim Horton's just about anywhere but incase you can't find one 
just ask someone where the nearest Tim's is and they will definitely know. Iced Cappuccinos are also incredible.

Eat Beavertails
Beavertails are delicious and should be on every Canada bucket list. They may sound weird, but we love our national animals and don’t actually eat their tails. Beavertails are desserts in the shape of a beaver’s tail, however, it’s pastry with sweet, salty and wonderful toppings all over.

Beavertails locations are typically in areas that are commonly visited by tourists. Think Niagara Falls, Banff National Park or Halifax Waterfront. 

CN Tower
Look down on Toronto from the CN tower, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. You can check out the glass floor or if you are really adventurous do the edge walk! If you pay attention you can feel the tower swaying a bit.

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Seafood Craze
Go to New Brunswick and immerse yourself in the seafood culture, particularly in great quality fresh lobster! Shediac, NB is the self-proclaimed lobster capital of the world and we love a fresh lobster!

Stay in the Lobster Capital at Le Griffon.

Bay of Fundy
Watch as the highest tidal wave in the world engulfs the ocean floor, or as billions of tonnes of water depart leaving the bottom exposed to walk on at the bay of fundy. You can see it either from the New Brunswick side or the Nova Scotia side of the bay.

Airbnb has you covered on whichever side you decide to stay. 

There are endless possibilities within Canada. Check out more on Canada for more inspiration and never stop travelling!

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