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Unfortunately, travelling around the world and experiencing different places and cultures does come with a cost. When you take into consideration your flights, accommodation and day to day transport to name a few, you could already be looking at a couple of thousand dollars. In this post, we will give you a guide on how to budget your next adventure.


Be realistic and assured that the number you have in mind is a figure that isn’t beyond achievable. The most stressful part of any trip is getting the money together to turn your dream into a reality. The phrase ‘Budget Travel’ can sometimes be deceiving as although you will be living cheap, it is still very costly and you have to consider a lot of things.


We know first hand that although we would like to see everything the first time around, it just can’t be done! Aim for quality, not quantity, it doesn’t matter how flexible you are, you cant see everything in one trip. We recommend making a list of everything you want to see. You may have to keep cropping things off the list but this is what makes your trip memorable. It can take months (or weeks) to plan a trip and it still may not be what you expect but as every adventurous thing in life, it is what you make of it. Note how much time you would like to spend in one place and make sure it is accessible to the next place on your list, once you have played around with various itineraries it does get easier and ALOT more fun.


Backpacking is a reality check for most first-timers, it really does take you out of your comfort zone and tests your limits. For example, southeast Asia is one of the cheapest places to backpack, you can spend a couple of dollars a day and have the time of your life. This is only possible if you are prepared to adapt to their way of life. Take yourself away from the fancy restaurants and 5-star hotels and get the true Asian experience.


It is easier said than done but managing your money across your trip is vital to ensuring you have the best time and don’t leave yourself short. It is very easy to get to your first destination, completely fall in love and blow thousands of dollars without even realizing it. Give yourself x amount for each place and stick with it. Sometimes you may spend a little less and other times you may spend a little more which balances out throughout your experience.


Travelling can sometimes have unexpected costs that you did not budget for and will hinder your experience (if you let it). We find it is best to have a credit card or a separate account with money available just in case, I mean it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Spend a little time looking at each destination and getting a feel for accommodation costs, day to day expenses and even the cost of alcohol. We use a website called ‘Numbeo‘. It gives you an insight into the cost of day to day items and expenses and does help when spreading your budget across each location.



These are the biggest costs to consider when planning your trip. If you are looking at flights, check out our related posts to give you tips and tricks on how to save money.

Sadly there are other costs involved when planning your trip.


A lot of countries will ask for proof of insurance at the border but to be honest, you would be a fool not to take insurance out before you leave, even the smallest things like a doctors appointment could cost you hundreds. 

We use SafetyWing because it gives us the freedom to pay monthly instead of up front! 


As the English would say “don’t be a minge bag”. Your backpack is your life when travelling the world and it is better to spend a little more on something that is strong and durable and can experience all kinds of terrain. (Osprey backpacks have lifetime warranties on everything)


Seems like the obvious one but you would not believe the dramas we have witnessed relating to passports. Whether it is damaged or due to expire in a year or two. Make sure your passport is healthy and has plenty of time on the expiry. It is a lot more difficult to get a new passport overseas than in your home country.

Remember that your budget is everything when taking the leap and travelling around the world. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a foreign country because you bought one too many tequilas.


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  1. I met Sonny and Matty whilst on my own travelling adventure in Australia and I have to say that even though they are both good friends of mine, they really do know there stuff, certainly when it comes to having the best time on a budget.

    I will definitely be taking something away from this blog and look forward to more updates.

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