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Over our travels, Matty and I have learned that breaking up long haul flights is not only a great way to reduce jetlag but also a great way (or a great excuse) to see more countries. We love slow travel. Often we save hundreds on flights and can reallocate that money to exploring new places. We love getting more bang for our buck and making the most out of flights. If we can get an extra country out of a long-haul flight we will absolutely take it. 

In this post, I will be using an example that we recently did in the currency we used, NZD. Here is how we do it.

Set a Flight Budget

First, do a general flight search from A to B, for example from New Zealand to England. The average cost of a flight is $803 each excluding luggage. Set that number as your transport budget.

Now that you have a budget to work off for getting to your desired destination. It’s time to make those flights cheaper.

Reverse-search your destination

We religiously use SKYSCANNER, and Airfare Watch Dog to make sure we are getting the best rate.

The goal is to get to England, so using Skyscanner search ‘England’ to ‘everywhere’. If you are flexbile on your dates choose the ‘whole month’ option. 

Keep this tab open you will want to cross-reference it later.

This gives you a list to work from, make sure you are looking at the cheapest options first. 

 Pro Tip: Always use a private browser while searching for the best price on flights!

Is it affordable to break up long haul flights?

Following that, check out New Zealand to ‘everywhere’ and start going down the list of cheapest places that make sense for you. Indonesia is only $291 each including baggage from New Zealand. This is great because it gives you time to adjust to the new time zone you are working towards.

Use NUMBEO to check out the cost of living just to be sure you aren’t going to go overboard 
on your budget staying in Bali.

Using Skyscanner again (in a new tab) search Bali to ‘Everywhere’ whole month.

Getting between European countries is cheap and some countries are really affordable. This gives us options. Next, check around and see what your cheapest options are that you would like to visit.

Flights from Bali to Greece are $445.50 and feature 13 hours in Singapore during daylight hours. That gives you a day to play and explore Singapore for free. It does make it a long travel day, but at least you’re not stuck on long haul flights. 

Once again, use NUMBEO to search the cost of living in Athens.

If it’s affordable, check into the cost of travel from Greece to England.

In this case, $52.50 each including luggage. SCORE!

Did you successfully break up your long haul flights?

You have just spent roughly the same amount of money on flights at $789 each this time including luggage. Furthermore, you added 3 additional countries to your itinerary AND broke up the long haul flight so you didn’t have any tragic jetlag.

If you need to get directly to your destination, breaking up flights can still be an option but may not necessarily be ideal. Check out where your flight options layover and see if it’s cheaper to book 2 separate flights. You can often find flights that work with a schedule, just be sure you leave yourself enough time to transfer. If you get stuck and have to get on a long haul flight we recommend you follow our tips for surviving long haul flights

We are very flexible slow travellers who constantly seek more bang for our buck. Travelling this way does add more steps in the planning process and adds more costs on accommodation in some cases. Other times it may be more cost-effective to stay in cheaper countries, it all depends on your travel needs.

If you need help or I make no sense at all please let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to pack your carry on with all the essentials for a great flight! 

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