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Based on our recent trip to Europe we wanted to highlight some of the most beautiful places (that aren’t the capital) in Europe broken down by country. Now, we are only focusing on the countries we have been to so please don’t be upset if we don’t mention your home! We will be back and there will be a part two.


Meteora (Suspended monasteries built during the 15th century, still in use to this day)

Stay in Decosuite Apartments

Delphi (Home of the Oracle Apollo, believed to be the centre of the world)

Stay at the Sun View Pension

Cape Sounion (Temple of Poseidon, surrounded on 3 sides by water)

Stay at Dioskouros Hostel


Rila monastery (in the highest mountain in Bulgaria, monastery and library)

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Plovdiv town (Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis, still operational)

Honestly, the price of Airbnbs are great across Bulgaria, stick with it, 

Nikopolis ad Istrum (ancient roman city)

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North Yorkshire (Country area, the largest county in England)

Stay at the Elmbank Hotel & Lodge.

Bath (Beautiful architecture and Roman baths)

Stay in an Airbnb!

The Cotswolds (in amongst the rolling hills it’s a quaint area)

Stay at the Holiday Inn Express.


Giethoorn (mostly car-free community)

Stay in Hotel de Pergola right on the water. 

Kasteel De Haar (beautiful castle still used by the original family for lavish parties)

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Leiden (The oldest college in the country and stunning architecture)

Stay at the Ibis Leiden Centre


Neuschwanstein Castle (The inspiration of Cinderella’s castle, located in Bavaria)

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Partnachklamm (incredible gorge natural wonder with incredibly blue water)

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Dresden (known for many things over the years such as camera and cigarette factories, as well as it’s many roles in the military)

Stay in Ibis Dresden Zentrum

What do you love about Europe? Where is the most beautiful place?

Now that you have some inspiration own where to go check out how to budget and how to break up long haul flights!

We can’t wait to see where you will go!


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