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      Hello! I’m Sunny, I’m the organized one in this relationship and I will always find the most cost-efficient way for us to explore. I’m also the responsible half of this duo, I manage the bookings, the budgets, and the passports. Matty is my wonderful, patient yet sporadic other-half. He’s the spender, the one with the wild ideas and the reason we must book a minimum of 3 countries to get to our actual destination. 


     Matty and I met in Australia, while we were both on our solo adventures looking for anything but love. We flew into Brisbane on the same day and met a week later in Surfers Paradise on a night out. After working together for months, and attempting to get away from each other by dropping Matty off 17 hours into the outback we ended up together forever. Recently we have gotten engaged and after a beautiful proposal on Waiheke Island, Matt and I decided to finally take the next step in our relationship and start a blog.


     This blog is not only a way for us to document our life together but a way to share our tips and tricks on travelling the world as a couple on a budget. Our goal is to share EVERYTHING; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Youp Tour has set out to save you money and sanity.


     Being in our early twenties has a lot of benefits (like having more years to get working holiday visas) but it also means we don’t have a lot of money. We aren’t leaving careers with savings, we are backpacking the world working temp jobs. This is how we are doing it, living our ‘best life’ exploring this beautiful planet while maintaining a healthy relationship. We can’t wait to share our adventure with you and hear all about yours!


     Thanks for stopping by Youp Tour. 


Sunny is 24 years old and is originally from Canada. She was been travelling for 5 years and has been to 11 countries over 3 continents.

Sunny’s varied background in business management, hospitality and event services provided the perfect foundation for planning and budgeting long-term travel.

Passionate about life and its endless possibilities, Sunny provides various services and insights that help couples, solo-travellers and first-time travellers follow their dreams.

To contact Sunny please use the Contact Us Page.


Matty is 23 years old and was born and raised in England. Matty is no stranger to travel and has been to 19 countries to date.

Driven to explore the world, Matty pushes the limits on itineraries and stretches a budget to get more experiences in.

Matty is the type of person that can help you turn $100 into a week-long adventure and always finds a way to cut costs.

Matty can be reached through the Contact Us Page.

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