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Although we like to think we are perfect, we are not. We do make mistakes and this is why we are going to give you a list of 8 things NOT to do when backpacking.

DON'T fall into the "trap"

It is very easy to get comfortable in one place. You meet amazing people and find cheap and cheerful accommodation. The nightlife is unreal, the beaches are spectacular. The next thing you know, you fly home in a week and not seen anything else. We fell into this same “trap” on the Gold Coast of Australia. We did have an amazing time but we still regret not seeing more while we had the chance. You would think this wouldn’t need to be on a “Things NOT to do when Backpacking” list because you are literally backpacking to see the world, but it must be said. 

DON'T be too generous

Money makes the world go around. It is the root of all evil but it also pays for these beautiful adventures. Most backpackers want to stick to a minimal budget. I know that girl at the end of the bar looks nice and you want to buy her a drink, but that skydive down the coast also looks nice and that costs money! DON’T be a tool, save your money.

DON'T overpack your bag

Sunny is the worst for this! She fills her bag so much she uses mine as an overflow. We leave no room for any souvenirs or gifts we buy overseas so we are constantly fighting to fit stuff into our bags. TAKE this advice and leave the unimportant stuff at home. You don’t need 5 pairs of shoes and 6 bags of makeup, be nice to your other half! This is the number one rule on our things NOT to do when backpacking list. 

DON'T forget to double-check

The amount of times I just assume everything is there without double-checking gets me in trouble. “Did you pack the charger”. “Yes, I did”. All of a sudden I am being stung by the airport paying $30 for a charger and getting a telling off. Boys, check your bags!

DON'T leave everything until the last minute

If you are anything like Sunny and I, you want to work until the very last day to get as much saved as possible. This also has a downside as you don’t spend as much time organizing yourself and your belongings. Then you have to squeeze a week of work into the last day. Spread it out over the last few weeks and give yourself plenty of time for one last shopping trip for anything you may have forgotten.

DON'T drink tap water

Now I am not saying every country has unsafe tap water but past experiences have led us to avoid tap water EVERYWHERE. We now use filtered water bottles religiously. The bacteria in water across the world is a growing concern. We find it is better to not take the risk and take the necessary steps to avoid illness when we want to travel.

DON'T fall for the scams

Backpackers are targetted by local scammers because simply put, we don’t have a clue. Do your research, find out the entrance fees for places, know if you are breaking certain regulations or laws and always ask for ID. The 1000’S of backpackers are scammed every year and a little bit of knowledge could help you avoid this.

DON'T ride a bike or a scooter without a helmet

If you are from a western country we understand that it is just not cool to wear a helmet. Yes, it may mess up your hair or ruin your Instagram pictures, BUT IT PROTECTS YOUR HEAD. Don’t be a fool, just wear a helmet, it could be the difference between life or death.

It’s easy to make mistakes while you are travelling, even seasoned professionals get into situations that they know how to avoid. Don’t stress and enjoy yourself. We hope this helps!

What ‘rules’ are on your things NOT to do when backpacking lists?

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